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William Gropper

Jacquelyn Schiffman

fine art of the human form


Current Exhibition


top left clockwise - Yuliya Lanina, Susan Hamburger, Arlene Morris,

Kristin Flynn, Jessica Hargreaves



Kristin Flynn

Susan Hamburger

Jessica Hargreaves

Yuliya Lanina

Arlene Morris


May 18 - June 23, 2024

Reception: Saturday, May 18 from 3-5PM

Friday, Saturday 11AM - 6PM

Sunday (call for hours)

and by appointment

With such an inspirational exhibition in 2019 at Figureworks in Brooklyn, we are excited to announce that Strange Birds has migrated up the Hudson and landed in our Saugerties gallery. This exhibition features five artists who have introduced our feathered friends into the scope of their work.  This is not your traditional Audobon-inspired bird show, as these artists have stories to tell about their relationships with these subjects.


For Kristin Flynn, birds have occupied her work these last few years when her father, a WWII fighter pilot, died. He had wished to return as a clever raven and began presenting her with a host of less fortunate birds she began finding around her property. She was compelled to collect them as subjects for this series of paintings.


Brooklyn artist Susan Hamburger has executed a striking series of papier mâché, celluclay and paperclay helmets based on Roman and Medieval pieces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Arms and Armor collection. She has intricately adorned this armor of war with delicate birds and plumage. Accompanying this new series are her notable pigeons created from the pages of the New York Times.


Jessica Hargreaves uses animal and bird imagery in her narrative paintings and sculpture, sometimes in subtle playful scenarios but frequently in menacing ways. This is her signature reminder that nature always gets it vengeance. 


Yuliya Lanina is an interdisciplinary artist who creates alternate realities in her work. Initially, this colorful work appears light and playful, until the absurdity, sexuality, and trauma appear through disparate bird, plant and human body parts.


Maine artist Arlene Morris is surrounded by nature and it all finds purpose in her paintings and works on paper. Whether it be her domestic animals (cockatiels, geese and chickens) or her woodland visitors (owls and ravens), they all shadow and comfort her subjects. 


92 Partition St., 2nd floor

Saugerties, NY 12477



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