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fine art of the human form


Current Exhibition

Irresistable (3).jpg

( clockwise)Jessica Hargreaves, Bonnie Faulkner, Howard Eisman


Jessica Hargreaves

Bonnie Faulkner

Howard Eisman

November 18 - December 17, 2023

Reception: Saturday,  Nov. 18th from 3-5 pm

Figureworks is pleased to present Irresistible featuring Jessica Hargreaves, Bonnie Faulkner, and Howard Eisman. These three artists have broadened their fine art careers to uniquely embrace functional art.


Jessica Hargreaves creates environments. She masterfully combines drawing, painting, and sculpture to explore conflicting psychological and emotional perspectives. Frequent themes in her series are the interplay of innocence and playfulness with brutality and aggression. Often relying on the honesty of animal behavior to convey these conflicting emotions, her series of oil paintings have expanded into functional items, including shark infested Toile-inspired curtains or ominous tigers encircling a gilded relief lampshade. Also featured in this exhibition are her latest paintings and a striking three panel screen from Girls at the End of the World, focusing on feminism and global warming.


Bonnie Faulkner and Howard Eisman are inspired reminders that glass art is fine art. This is particularly evident with Bonnie’s illuminated shadow boxes and Howard’s sculptural enamels. 


Bonnie Faulkner is unique in that she often combines dichroic fused, hand blown and stained glass into one creation. She finds combining these techniques opens up placement for glass in every area of one's home, even where limited lighting is available. Her playful mix of figures, forms and faces are apparent in a limited series of stained glass light boxes which she has also brilliantly recreated into matching punch-needle pillows. Also, as a daily centering drawing routine, mandalas have been an important part of Bonnie's creative process and it is no surprise they have now surfaced as beautiful table-top glass centerpieces.


Howard Eisman's work with fused glass on metal (steel and copper) spans over 50 years. It is notable for content, color, and particularly size. Self taught, he also designed and built his own enameling equipment, including a room sized kiln to fire large sheets of metal. He is also unusual that he uses copper, which he hammers to create surface highlights for translucency and deep pockets that pool with intensified color. For this exhibition, he is designed a series of exquisite, functional bowls. His goal is to create enamel art that can be a colorful, exuberant adventure in every area of one's life.



92 Partition St., 2nd floor

Saugerties, NY 12477



Friday, Saturday 11AM - 6PM

Sunday (call for hours)

or by appointment

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