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William Gropper

Jacquelyn Schiffman

fine art of the human form


Current Exhibition

westring harris 2jpg.jpg

left - Mary Westring, Cornflower, etching, artist proof, plate size 5" x 4", $50.00

right - Randall Harris, Grey Birch,1980, pressed leaf, paper size 17" x 12", $50.00





It has been quite a transition these last few months after nearly 30 years in Brooklyn to move up the Hudson River into Kingston, NY.  Most notable is the striking, expansive natural surroundings and picturesque main streets lined with independent shops. That part does take me back to early Williamsburg Brooklyn. Still exploring, meeting people and deciding which new direction to embark on. In the meantime, please enjoy this Surprise Pairing.


During this move, I opened up boxes of personal belongings that had been in storage for years and found a large stack of pressed botanical leaves that I had created in 1980 for a college Botany class.  40 years later, they have remained remarkably pristine.  


So, my first upstate online curation is a nod too my new nature-filled environment.I have coupled my work with Figureworks artist and master etcher, Mary Westring. I have always loved and admired her flora etchings but had little opportunity to show them, as they were beyond the scope of Figureworks.


Mary Westring has numerous additional etchings which can be found at

and I also have a dozen more of these botanicals.

Please inquire for larger images or additional works.

All works are unframed. Shipping included.

Thank you and happy holidays!

Randall Harris

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