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Arlene Morris     Kathleen Vance

Stop the World

Arlene Morris
Kathleen Vance


October 6 - November 12, 2023

Reception: Friday, Oct 6th from 6-8 PM

Figureworks is pleased to present Stop the World, featuring handmade paper reliefs by Arlene Morris and sculpture by Kathleen Vance. Both artists address social and environmental issues in hauntingly beautiful ways. 

Maine-based artist Arlene Morris divides her studio time between oil painting and mixed media work on paper.  This exhibition highlights her handmade Kozo paper in which she has molded, stitched, painted and stained the paper to create spectacular reliefs.  The work is personal, social and political. The figures, seemingly delicate and innocent, hold dark secrets that are revealed through hand stitched text and imagery pulled from personal journals and current events.  

Living and working here in the Hudson Valley, Kathleen Vance is an environmental artist that creates projects connecting  people to local aspects of nature that are overlooked or under appreciated.  With this series Traveling Landscapes Vance creates miniature landscapes inside vintage suitcases and trunks.   These works bring nature back into ones everyday life and the hurried pace of each person's travels can be slowed to a moment of respite for contemplation and reflection.

Together, these works evoke time, period and intimacy. Their personalized sense of familiarity with hand sewn image, written word, object and living environment are immediately compelling and  comforting.


92 Partition St., 2nd floor

Saugerties, NY 12477

fall hours - Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11AM - 6PM

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