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hermann struck
Hermann Struck

Cuban Beggar

etching on paper
image size 5-1/2" x 7-1/2"
paper size 8" x 12"
plate signed and dated/pencil signed

A master etcher, Struck is recognized for his extensive landscapes and portraits of noted personalities in early 20th century Europe, including Ibsen, Nietzsche,Freud, Einstein and Oscar Wilde.

Struck was raised in Berlin in an Orthodox Jewish family and as an artist focused much of his attention to Jewish subjects. He studied at the Berlin Academy under Max Koner and was there introduced to the art of etching. He joined the Zionist movement at an early age and in 1903, during one of his numerous travel experiences, met Zionist leader Herzl in Vienna. This meeting inspired his famous portrait of the leader. During WWI, Struck served with the German army of Lithuania where he came in contact with Eastern European Jews and embaraced their way of life. By 1923, Struck had settled in Palestine (Haifa), where he portrayed Jews and Arabs of the Middle East. Struck became a noted etcher and authored The Art of Etching. He taught graphic techniques to such noted artists as Max Lieberman, Lesser Ury, Joseph Budko and Marc Chagall and today remains an important influence on many European graphic artists.

hermann struck jane rusel
Jane Rusel's complete volume on Hermann Struck.
German Text. Unused/Excellent Condition. $125.00